East Point City e.point card – Mar Gift Redemption


e.point card member can redeem monthly gifts by specified bonus point. While stock lasts.

Time: 1pm – 10pm

Location: L2 Redemption Counter


e.point card 980 bonus point – OTO Spinex (The offer does not include warranty.) – Quota: 1

e.point card 380 bonus point – Yata Cash Coupon HK$100 – Quota: 200

e.point card 300 bonus point – Stradivarius Cash Coupon HK$100 – Quota: 130

e.point card 150 bonus point – miffy Cushion – Quota: 60

e.point card 70 bonus point – miffy Towel – Quota: 10

e.point card 80 bonus point – KUMAMON Bag – Quota: 50

e.point card 5 bonus point – “marie claire” Magazine – Quota: 250


Facebook Gift Redemption

e.point card 60 bonus point – Mini Fan – Quota: 100

** Please click 《e.point card》button on East Point City Facebook Fanpage menu bar for login.


*Electronic Payment includes credit card, EPC and Octopus.

Members must present e.point card for gift redemption.

Each member can only redeem one gift from each gift item per day.

Photos and graphics are for reference only.

The terms & conditions of e.point card are subject to change without prior notice. Sun Hung Kai Properties and East Point City reserve the discretionary right for final decision.

Please read the terms & conditions of cash coupon before use.

Members are responsible for checking the quality of gifts and point balance of gift redemption. After the redemption procedure, no exchange of gifts and amendment of points are allowed. East Point City is not responsible for the product quality, terms & conditions and maintenance if the gift is provided by third-party supplier.